Wata Meln


Wata Meln Urthree Flavor

  • One of the most clearly complex flavors to achieve in this industry. WataMeln, is another flavor that can be used as a great mixer, or smoked on it’s own. Many call it, the iconic fruit of summer and a sure fire path to delicious summer memories. But don’t be fooled, no matter what the calendar says, sunshine and picnic baskets are not a requirement for the enjoyment of this flavor.



  • 100% dried apples
  • Natural Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural Fruit extracted molasses
  • FDA certified flavorings

Our tobacco free Molasses is cut like conventional blonde leaf tobacco Molasses. This results in a unique and euphoric smoking experience

Wata Meln Urthree Flavor

The perfect watermelon flavor, this is exactly like the bite you take on a hot summer day. Wata Meln creates this juicy flavor and is perfect to be mixed with some mint or any other fruit flavor.